OpenJDK Bug Tracking Project Requirements, consolidated list

Georges Saab georges.saab at
Sun Apr 3 23:20:55 PDT 2011

On 2 apr 2011, at 16.59, Dr Andrew John Hughes wrote:

> On 02/04/2011, Georges Saab <georges.saab at> wrote:
>> If the requirements are met by both, the obvious choice is Jira, given that
>> it is written in Java.  :)
> What relevance does that have?  Given it's proprietary software and
> being run on someone's else server, it could be written in
> hand-crafted assembly language for it all it matters.

Actually I think it matters because of the alignment of incentive it creates:
1. JIRA developers have an incentive to help us by fixing bugs which affect OpenJDK because they get the benefit of OpenJDK being great
2. We have the incentive (and capability) to fix bugs in Java which affect JIRA

The same incentives do not exist if the system is written in hand-crafted assembly language.

Symbiosis can be a beautiful thing and need not always observe boundaries of software license classification.

In your comment about "someone else's server", I am not sure I follow? In particular, by "Server" do you mean app server or HW and by "someone else" do you mean as opposed to 'the OpenJDK community' or 'Dr Andrew John Hughes'?

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