OpenJDK Code review system - Request for use cases and requirements

Weijun Wang at
Thu Apr 14 18:41:24 PDT 2011

On 04/15/2011 02:06 AM, Mohan Pakkurti wrote:
> Hello
> I am looking at undertaking some projects to help improve the infrastructure for OpenJDK.
> One of the systems that is often requested is an open code review system, and I want to understand what we would want from this.
> I came across this blog entry and want to get this discussion started again by asking you for input.
> What use cases would you have for this system?

Upload code changes and view webrevs

> What features would you like to see in this system?

1. Web based, just upload your diff (in a single file or in a TEXTAREA 
box) and the hg changeset URL it's based on. (Please don't ask me to 
upload a whole bunch of files).
2. All current webrev diff styles available for view
3. Nice URL to any single line within the webrev

> What other systems and processes do you see the code review system integrate with?

It might be useful to add a comment system below each webrev, but please 
make sure comments are sent by email also. And that means a user 
management system, which might be complicated.


> Any suggestions for systems we should consider for this?
> Do you have any other comments on this topic?
> Cheers
> Mohan

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