OpenJDK Code review system - Request for use cases and requirements

Anthony Petrov anthony.petrov at
Fri Apr 15 03:13:21 PDT 2011

On 4/15/2011 5:41 AM, Weijun Wang wrote:
>> What features would you like to see in this system?
> 1. Web based, just upload your diff (in a single file or in a TEXTAREA
> box) and the hg changeset URL it's based on. (Please don't ask me to
> upload a whole bunch of files).

Being able to upload files generated by the webrev utility 
would be nice to have as well. The system should be able to display all 
submitted versions of a fix, and all the comments/discussions 
surrounding transitioning from one version to another. Also, the system 
should support keeping separate review processes of the same fix for 
several releases (e.g. in JDK 7 and 8).

Ideally, the system should also support an email gate so that a or a diff file could be submitted as an attachment, and 
sending such an email would initiate a reviewing process (by notifying 
the reviewers, etc.) Being able to reply to such notifications and 
generally proceed with reviewing/commenting over email w/o the need to 
access the system via the web interface would be great as well.

Also, it would be nice to be able to opt in for receiving all email 
notifications for a particular review, even though the person has not 
been chosen as a reviewer. Perhaps some people would prefer to use RSS 
rather than email for this purpose though.

We should also think what should be a trigger for the "fix is now 
approved" action. When we choose particular reviewers this is somewhat 
obvious - when everyone has approved the fix, the fix is finally 
approved. However, I realize that often we want to have an open list of 
reviewers, so it's unclear when to mark a fix as approved in this case. 
Should this be done by the author of the fix? Or..?

best regards,

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