Moderated distro-pkg-dev message disappeared?

Tim Bell tim.bell at
Sun Mar 6 09:29:40 PST 2011

Hi Mark

> Just saw what looked like a message to distro-pkg-dev disappear.
> I did get a message about it waiting moderator approval (see
> attached). And since I am a moderator I looked in the moderator
> queue, but it wasn't there. Any idea what has happened to that
> message.

That was the SPAM killer cron job:

      Discarded held msg #1442 for list distro-pkg-dev

I will requeue the mail and tweak the SPAM filter. (nothing was
actually deleted - the message is renamed into the SPAM directory).

> Or how I would be able to better track such issues myself?

Unfortunately, you need command line access to look at the log files.


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