Moderated distro-pkg-dev message disappeared?

Tim Bell tim.bell at
Sun Mar 6 10:20:41 PST 2011

Hi Mark

>> That was the SPAM killer cron job:
>>       Discarded held msg #1442 for list distro-pkg-dev
> What made it decide to discard it? I can tweak the script that
> sends the commit message if necessary.

The reason the message was held in the first place was that user 'mark
at' was not subscribed to distro-pkg-dev.  This
happens when the mercurial username != the subscriber username.  When
I approved the held message this time around, I ticked the 'always
accept email from this user' box, so future messages won't be held.

The cron SPAM filter only looks at held messages.  What triggered it
was the word 'officially' in the held message.  I removed that word
from the regex as it is too general.  Other strings such as 'C L I C K
  H E R E' are excellent predictors for SPAM.

> I am not afraid of the command line :)
> Just don't know how to get at it.

Unfortunately, that is not mine to give out.  Check with Mark Reinhold.


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