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Johan Walles johan.walles at
Thu Mar 10 00:23:03 PST 2011

IMO voting should definitely require logging in, otherwise we'd likely 
run into exactly the problems you describe.

Voting is needed to prioritize community bugs.  Without voting it's 
really hard to tell which bugs are most important to the community.  And 
as a user, if the bug tracker doesn't support voting the only thing I 
can do is write "Me too!", which is unmeasurable and therefore useless.

But without a clear statement on how we should treat highly voted bugs, 
people will just feel cheated (and rightly so) when they see highly 
voted bugs being ignored.

   Regards /Johan

2011-03-09 11:34, Alan Bateman skrev:
> Johan Walles wrote:
>> Hi!
>> If we enable voting, the document [1] should describe some kind of SLA
>> for what we do with the vote statistics.
>> My suggestion is that we say that we commit to taking the top N voted
>> issues seriously.
> I don't know if other projects use voting but one concern with
> prioritizing based on votes is astroturfing. I'm pretty sure there's
> been a quite a bit of that over the years on I also wonder
> about bugs that are hard for developers to distinguish from other bugs,
> say crashes for example where the bug report is an error log. I guess it
> might not be too bad if anonymous voting is not allowed but I just
> wonder if voting is as important as it used to be.
> -Alan

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