Moderated distro-pkg-dev message disappeared?

Mark Wielaard mark at
Wed Mar 23 01:41:06 PDT 2011

Hi Tim,

On Sun, 2011-03-06 at 10:20 -0800, Tim Bell wrote:
> >> That was the SPAM killer cron job:
> >>
> >>       Discarded held msg #1442 for list distro-pkg-dev
> >
> > What made it decide to discard it? I can tweak the script that
> > sends the commit message if necessary.
> The reason the message was held in the first place was that user 'mark
> at' was not subscribed to distro-pkg-dev.  This
> happens when the mercurial username != the subscriber username.  When
> I approved the held message this time around, I ticked the 'always
> accept email from this user' box, so future messages won't be held.
> The cron SPAM filter only looks at held messages.  What triggered it
> was the word 'officially' in the held message.  I removed that word
> from the regex as it is too general.  Other strings such as 'C L I C K
>   H E R E' are excellent predictors for SPAM.

Got another one that silently disappeared:

List:    distro-pkg-dev at
From:    jvanek at
Subject: reviewer needed: Generating about, authors... from NEWS,

Any idea why?

> > I am not afraid of the command line :)
> > Just don't know how to get at it.
> Unfortunately, that is not mine to give out.  Check with Mark Reinhold.

I added Mark to the CC.



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