OpenJDK Bug Tracking Project Requirements, consolidated list

Roger Lewis roger.lewis at
Tue Mar 29 21:28:46 PDT 2011


Thank you for the feedback so far. The requirements that were suggested have been added/consolidated to the list that we will be using to help determine the our choice of defect tracking system[1][2]. This list combines requirements from both the standpoint of OpenJDK developers as well as the community as a whole and internal needs from our quality, sustaining and release management groups.

What we want to start to do now is to map the requirements to candidate systems; the two options we are looking at are Bugzilla[3] and JIRA[4]. We are starting with these two as from our initial discussions they are the most common choices for open source projects. From our analysis so far either system would meet the majority of our needs but we would like to get input from other projects that are using these systems, and will also be talking over the next couple of week to consultants with experience setting up these systems.

A key driver for us is the integration of the bug tracking system into the overall OpenJDK infrastructure (code review tool, bug approvals etc.) and how well the system will enable us to build upon the functionality we have had in place since the early releases of Java.  We believe that a key element of Java's success has been  the straightforward way in which the community has been able to provide feedback/bugs as this has allowed us to provide a robust implementation of Java.

 From the list of requirements you will see a number of items which require 'customization' as they are not available out-of-the-box from either system. We are writing up more details around these in order that we can better scope the necessary work and will send that out as we finish it.

We need to drive to a decision as we want to make sure that the system is in place around the time that JDK 7 ships with early instances available as JDK 8 development starts up, given this we have set the end of April as the deadline for the decision.  Please continue to provide feedback and ideas,



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