The OpenJDK website Ux - we'd like to help!

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Tue Nov 22 04:18:45 PST 2011

Hi all,

We've been gathering some feedback from various community groups
(including corporates as well as JUGs) about involvement in the
OpenJDK over the last 3-6 months (at conferences etc). One of the
issues that consistently came up was that many newcomers to the
OpenJDK felt that the website could be improved. For example, the long
list of menu links on the LHS and the fact that the site is fairly
text heavy were two areas of concern.

I think this is an area that the wider JUG community can usefully put
its resources and expertise towards, so a couple of questions:

1.) Is this an issue that people agree with? Or does the exisiting
OpenJDK community want to keep the existing design?
2.) Is it appropriate to raise a 'bug' for this under the Product: web
category to track any work?
3.) Assuming a design was agreed on (for say, the front page) how
would we submit a patch for the HTML/CSS/image changes required?

I was unable to find the forest that the source for the site resides
(but that could just be my lack of Mecurial expertise).

My intention with these efforts is not to make radical overhauls, but
to propose a fresh design one page at a time. This would start with
the (most important) home page, which has 30-60 seconds to reel a
newcomer in.

Martijn (on behalf of the LJC and the as of yet unlaunched 'Adopt the
OpenJDK' program)

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