The OpenJDK website Ux - we'd like to help!

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Fri Nov 25 09:59:19 PST 2011

Hi Dalibor,

> On 11/22/11 1:18 PM, Martijn Verburg wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> 2.) Is it appropriate to raise a 'bug' for this under the Product: web
>> category to track any work?
> If we're talking about the bugtracker, then probably no.
> I'm not aware of any bug tracker with a category for the OpenJDK web site,
> fwiw. Bring the bugs along to this list, and we'll fix them together if
> we can.

Sounds good.

>> 3.) Assuming a design was agreed on (for say, the front page) how
>> would we submit a patch for the HTML/CSS/image changes required?
>> I was unable to find the forest that the source for the site resides
>> (but that could just be my lack of Mecurial expertise).
> The web site itself is not in the OpenJDK Mercurial repositories. Yeah,
> that's very awkward, and people trip up over that at least once when they
> set up a Group or a Project page, and then they move the more dynamic
> content that profits from being edited by many hands (or just more
> regularly) over to the wikis:

Right, so one of things that could be done over time is to move much
of the material on the static pages to the wiki.

But that wiki is also due an infrastructure move right?

> Please don't let that discourage you! I'd suggest starting off by looking at
> a Project page like and coming up
> with a list of issues (information you find doesn't belong there, information
> you're missing, presentation, etc.) you'd like to see fixed, and then we
> can discuss how to fix them, either on this list, or (preferably) on the
> JDK 7 Updates Project's mailing list.

OK, we'll start there.


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