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Neil Richards neil.richards at
Thu Oct 20 11:37:01 PDT 2011

According to the Community Code Review documentation [1], one should be
able to delete a tree of files and directories by sftp'ing to one's

        sftp <username> 

then using 'rename' to move the tree into the ~/.trash subdirectory:
        rename 6543210 ~/.trash/6543210

However, when I try to do this, it always tells me that I don't have the
permissions to do this.

Instead, when I've had to prune something out, I've only been able to do
so by using a protracted set of 'rm' (for files) and 'rmdir' (for
emptied directories) which, as you can imagine, quickly becomes
exceedingly tedious.

Is this a problem that other (committers) have encountered ?
Are there suggstions as to any better approaches to pruning one's
contents ?

Any guidance gratefully received.

Thanks, Neil


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