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Neil Richards neil.richards at
Fri Oct 28 05:04:04 PDT 2011

On Thu, 2011-10-20 at 20:35 -0700, Tim Bell wrote:
> John spotted it:
> > It works for me if you leave off the '~/', e.g.:
> >
> >        rename foo .trash/foo
> >
> > The example in the guide doesn't use the '~/' (although the
> > descriptive text above it does).
> You are using sftp to access the cr.ojn server, and sftp has no
> concept of ~ meaning your home directory.  I wrote the doc, so I'll
> try to clarify that section.
> Regards-
> Tim Bell

Hi Tim,
Thanks for looking at this for me.

Unfortunately, leaving off the '~/' still didn't work for me.

It turned out I didn't have write permission to the .trash folder.
(Why are the simplest answers sometimes the hardest to spot? doh!) 

A little deft use of 'rmdir' and 'mkdir', and the problem was solved.

Thanks again,

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