problem editing wiki: attachments

John Rose john.r.rose at
Mon Aug 12 14:33:21 PDT 2013

I'm logged in; I just created a nice page.  Now I want to add a diagram attachment to it.

(It's this ordinary page: )

I did the usual poking around:
 - on page menus ("Add Attachment" not found)
 - in edit menus ("Insert Attachment" does not offer file upload)
 - and links (a very tiny "Attachments: 0" link came up dry)
 - and FAQ content (the display/general/FAQ didn't have a FAQ for this)
 - and mail archives (Google on pipermail/web-discuss didn't produce much)

Now I'm stuck.  What's going on?  Are new attachments forbidden?  Or is there some command I'm missing?  Or are my user permissions defective?

Besides throwing me a clue, I suggest two actions:
 - update the FAQ to say something about attachments and maybe point to editing help (I would but I don't have edit permission, hint, hint)
 - add something to the page template that would help the next person going through the above "poking around" list

— John

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