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Fri Oct 2 15:13:54 UTC 2015


* Trelin Trelon <tretonis at> [2015-10-02 11:00]:
> There's a lot to read. Please what is the registration form of address to
> access jbs.

As it says in the linked mails, the OpenJDK JIRA is restricted to
developers. If you are using the Oracle's proprietary Java versions, you
can report and view bugs at, but you can't comment on them
there. That's restricted to developers.

> It is necessary to simplify things.

You are preaching to the choir! Personally, I would have preferred if
the bug tracker was accessible to everyone (like pretty much every other
Open Source project). Unfortunately, the OpenJDK project decided this
was how it was going to be :(


> On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 11:52 AM, Omair Majid <omajid at> wrote:
>     * Trelin Trelon <tretonis at> [2015-10-02 10:41]:
>     > Everything is very confusing.
>     > Earlier I posted within the jira javafx the bugs, but now I can not
>     access
>     > jira.
>     I am not terribly familiar with the OpenJFX project. It looks like it
>     had a separate JIRA instance that was merged into the OpenJDK JIRA
>     instance. As a result of this, the ability for anyone to file bugs was
>     restricted
>     Please see this mail for more information:
>     If you have more concerns, perhaps the folks at
> would be able
>     to help you out some more.
>     Thanks,
>     Omair
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