Broken links in the FAQ page

Bruno P. Kinoshita brunodepaulak at
Fri Nov 3 11:06:37 UTC 2017


An old friend sent me an e-mail a couple of days ago asking for more information about Java and Open-Source for an article he is writing.

I pointed him to some resources I remembered, and also had a look at the OpenJDK web site. While looking at the OpenJDK FAQ, though, I noticed a few links were broken.

I could not find any locate instructions for submitting issues to the web site, so I apologise beforehand if I should have filed an issue somewhere else, used a subject prefix, or done something different to report these issues.

I found links for some of these resources by searching the links in the Internet Archive WayBack Machine. Perhaps we could use the links from the

# First link: interview with Oracle Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven

# Second link: the roadmap and Oracle's plans

# Third link: merge the Oracle Java HotSpot Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the Oracle JRockit JVM (...)

# And perhaps the "Can I download the OpenJDK source code?" section should point to the two links at the left menu, for mercurial / bundles?


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