Upgrade OpenJDK website to HTML 5?

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at oracle.com
Mon Aug 20 18:05:47 UTC 2018

On 8/20/18 10:03 AM, mark.reinhold at oracle.com wrote:
> 2018/8/13 11:51:16 -0700, jonathan.gibbons at oracle.com:
>> The current OpenJDK website still uses XHTML 1.0, which implies HTML 4.
>> Some of the content pages are initially provided as HTML 5, and get
>> downgraded to HTML 4 in the publishing process, which may negatively
>> impact some of the content.
> Do you have some examples?
Tables were the example that triggered this message.

I tried using an HTML 5 table, with a caption but no summary, and
got warnings from the publishing process that my tables had no summary.

>> It would be good to consider using HTML 5 for the published content of
>> the website.
> Agreed.  It’d be easy to change the default output doctype to HTML5.
> The publishing pipeline uses XSLT, however, so we’d still have to
> canonicalize into XML, but as I understand it that would still be
> valid HTML5.
It is the case that HTML 5 allows self-closing tags when there is no
content, but I would want to check tags the rules for tags that never
have an end tag, such as <LINK> in a <HEAD> element.

The answer in this question suggests that a self-closing tag would be

See also


HTML5 does not require empty elements to be closed. But if you want 
stricter validation, or if you need to make your document readable by 
XML parsers, you must close all HTML elements properly.
> - Mark

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