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Sun Mar 4 16:00:33 UTC 2018


I'm considering putting together a Maven plugin that's capable of
producing jlinked distributions for a selectable range of platforms.
That is, you can specify that you want to produce a distribution for
macOS, Linux, and Windows, and you'll get one for each of those
platforms in a single plugin execution.

Actually achieving this would involve fetching a binary distribution of
the JDK for each specified platform at build time (and caching it
locally, as it's rather a large download).

Is there any chance we could get "current" links for the OpenJDK builds?
For example, the plugin could simply hit:

... and would automatically get whatever is the latest version of JDK 9

The plugin could, of course, specify version numbers manually, but I'd
then be playing a constant game of catch-up for new versions and I'm not
sure what (if any) guarantees gives for old versions
of binaries.

If there's a better way to achieve the above, I'm open to suggestions.

Mark Raynsford |

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