Optimised ARM assembler loop

Edward Nevill Edward.Nevill at arm.com
Tue Feb 17 08:13:19 PST 2009

Hi all,


I have now completed converting the bytecodeInterpreterOpt.cpp in my previous email into hand crafted ARM assembler and uploaded to my PPA.


This gives approx 100% performance improvement over the original Zero.


I have conditionalised both sets of optimisations (the generic C optimisations and the Asm optimisations) so they only build on ARM.


The conditionalisation is in




# Not included in includeDB because it has no dependencies


# ECN - For the time being HOTSPOT_OPT only enabled for ARM


ifeq ($(ZERO_LIBARCH),arm)

Obj_Files += bytecodeInterpreter_arm.o





If you want to try out the generic optimisations uncomment the CFLAGS += -DHOTSPOT_OPT line.


Note: You will also need to update debian/rules or you wont even get the patches. Unconditionalise the lines


  ifneq (,$(filter $(DEB_HOST_ARCH),armel i386))
        debian/patches/zero-port-opt-new.diff \
(Of course, if you are running on an ARM platform you don't need to do this).


The main change was the addition of the the asm loop, however there were a few minor changes....

(note these are additional changes to those described in my previous document).


-          Added a rule to openjdk/hotspot/make/linux/makefiles/rules.make

o   This allows compilation of .S to .o

-          In openjdk/hotspot/src/share/vm/interpreter/bytecodeInterpreter.cpp

o   Added conditionalisation to turn HOTSPOT_OPT off when build jvmti

o   Changed run_opt so it no longer takes a strange 'bmb' argument and always returns 0

§  The adition is now always to re-execute the bytecode regardless of why it failed (eg exception etc). bytecodeInterpreterOpt.cpp is responsible for putting the world back in a state where the bytecode can be re-executed.


Sources available in...






Binaries available RSN,





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